Tempered Glass Repair & Replacement Services for Victoria Homes

Tempered glass is one of the most common types of glass used in almost every window, windshield, and more. At Van Isle Glass, we are the experts in repairing, replacing and creating tempered glass for our customers in the Victoria, Langford, and surrounding areas of View Royal, Metchosin, Esquimalt, and Sooke.

The reason why tempered glass is so standard is that it is much safer when it breaks than other types of glass — it’s called tempered safety glass for a reason.

Whether you need a tempered glass panel for your balcony, fire, vehicle, or a laminate clear or green glass for your excavators or backhoes, we will finish the job to your satisfaction. We have over 20 years of experience and a lifetime guarantee on our craft to assure you of the quality of our work.


Get Expert Tempered Glass Replacement Installed Right the First Time

You might not realize just how much glass is used throughout your home, both inside and outside. Tempered glass probably makes up most of the residential glass material used, including the following:

  • Exterior windows
  • Sliding glass patio doors
  • Shower glass
  • Glass mirrors
  • Glass railings
  • Fireplace glass
  • Pane glass

If you have any damaged glass in your home that needs to be repaired or replaced, contact us today for a free and instant quote! We can send our mobile glass technicians to your home to assess your situation and complete the job to your specifications.

Upgrade Your Home to Tempered Safety Glass Today

If you are renovating your home or want to upgrade your windows and other glass features to stronger and safer glass, we can help! Our expert glass technicians can remove your old glass and install all new tempered glass replacements throughout your home.

If you have older or unusual glass designs for your windows, fireplaces, shower doors, or anything else, contact us today with the details of your project. You might think the shape, size, or dimensions you need are complicated, but chances are we’ve worked on similar projects before! We can custom cut glass to fit whatever specifications you require.


Tempered Glass FAQs

Why is tempered glass safer than other types?

Tempered glass is a prevalent type of glass that is created with thermal or chemical treatments to make it stronger compared to other glass types. As a result of the process, it also breaks into many small and dull pieces rather than larger and dangerously sharp shards.

The additional durability combined with how it breaks tempered glass safer than most alternatives, which is why it is one of the most common kinds of glass that is likely used throughout your home.

How strong is tempered glass compared to normal glass?

Tempered glass can withstand surface compression of around 10,000 psi, though different products may have some variation. In general, that is approximately four times more than ordinary glass made for windows, doors, and so on.


Kevin Olson
Kevin Olson
07:43 11 Mar 23
Stopped by earlier today to inquire about my windshield, I didn't need anything done but got some honest advice, I will definitely be coming back when I need work done.
Elise Varty
Elise Varty
23:28 20 Jan 23
Van Isle Glass replaced my car’s quarter glass after a break in. They got the job done very quickly and even moved up my appointment to get it done as soon as possible. Always kind on the phone and gave me updates on the process. Highly recommend their services!
Rachel Jantzen
Rachel Jantzen
03:59 20 Jan 23
Efficient and accessible. Billed icbc directly. Highly recommended them.
Carla Molloy
Carla Molloy
04:22 12 Jan 23
Extremely professional service and very helpful staff. Will definitely be using them again! Highly recommended

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