ICBC Glass Express Provider in Victoria BC

As a provider of ICBC Express in Victoria, we can make your auto glass repair or replacement claims hassle-free. We work directly with ICBC to handle the entire claims process for you, including helping you with the paperwork.

We are based just outside of Downtown Victoria. However, we are well-situated to offer ICBC Express in Langford and the surrounding areas of View Royal, Metchosin, Esquimalt, Sooke and more.

While we can help walk-in customers, an appointment is preferred for customers making claims. Our friendly staff will take you through the paperwork and schedule the windshield repairs your vehicle needs.

Do you have private auto insurance? We are also an authorized service provider for all private insurance companies in British Columbia

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Am I Eligible for ICBC Glass Express Service?

We are often asked by customers if they are eligible for auto glass repair or replacement service through ICBC Express. Here are the only two requirements to be eligible as laid out by ICBC:

  1. You must have a valid ICBC auto insurance plan with comprehensive coverage, and
  2. There must only be one piece of damaged auto glass that needs repair

To clarify the second point, if you have a windshield and another window that is damaged, you would not be eligible for the ICBC Glass Express service. It can be the windshield or one window.

If you have more than one piece of auto glass that needs to be repaired or replaced, you will have to go through ICBC’s regular claim process.

What Windshield Damage is Covered by ICBC Glass Express?

If your windshield or any single window is damaged or broken, it would be covered by ICBC Express if the damage was caused by the following:

  • Acts of vandalism
  • Attempted break-ins of your vehicle
  • Rocks, stones, and other debris striking your windshield while driving it

If your windshield or glass window was broken or damaged as a result of a collision or more serious incident, you are not eligible for ICBC Express service. You will be required to file a full insurance claim with ICBC and must contact them.

If you meet the requirements for ICBC Express, you will only have to pay the deductible on your insurance policy. We will help you fill out the paperwork for an ICBC Glass Express claim and have your repair or replacement job completed so you can be on your way. We do all the heavy lifting for you!


Make an ICBC Express Claim and Get Repairs Today

A cracked windshield or window weakens even more after just a few weeks of exposure, which can put you and any passengers in serious danger. Eventually, the damage can spread and require you to pay for a more expensive replacement. Thankfully, our auto glass repair shop can handle most cases of chips and cracks with fast and quality service.

If you need auto glass replaced, we can provide you with a replacement from the largest stock of auto glass on Vancouver Island so you don’t have to wait! Contact us today to get your ICBC Glass Express claim and repair job done today.


Kevin Olson
Kevin Olson
07:43 11 Mar 23
Stopped by earlier today to inquire about my windshield, I didn't need anything done but got some honest advice, I will definitely be coming back when I need work done.
Elise Varty
Elise Varty
23:28 20 Jan 23
Van Isle Glass replaced my car’s quarter glass after a break in. They got the job done very quickly and even moved up my appointment to get it done as soon as possible. Always kind on the phone and gave me updates on the process. Highly recommend their services!
Rachel Jantzen
Rachel Jantzen
03:59 20 Jan 23
Efficient and accessible. Billed icbc directly. Highly recommended them.
Carla Molloy
Carla Molloy
04:22 12 Jan 23
Extremely professional service and very helpful staff. Will definitely be using them again! Highly recommended

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Cracked windshields weaken after just a few weeks of exposure and put you in serious danger. Fortunately, our repairs are effective against even large cracks, so you can save money on a full replacement. If you need a replacement, we can provide one, possibly from our affordable stock of used glass.

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