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We are located in the heart of downtown Langford BC on the corner of Station Ave. and the Veterans Memorial Parkway. We are in the same building as Floyd’s Diner and next door to Alpine Auto Repair.

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Betty Carew
01:18 16 Sep 23
Visited Van Isle Glass to repair a rock chip on my windshield. The service was professional and friendly. I was very much impressed with the result as well as the efficiency in completing the service. I highly recommend this organization for glass repair. Thank you to Clint and the TEAM at Van Isle Glass. It is much appreciated!!! Betty
21:10 12 Sep 23
Had a very good experience working with Dana and Diana at the front desk. Very courteous, engaging and respectful. We ran into a glitch where the replacement windshield installed was misaligned (not due to faulty install), but likely due to warpage at the plant. I promptly reported the issue to Van Isle management who took pictures of the faulty windshield, and replaced with a different manufacturer which fits perfect. I appreciate that they took ownership of the issue, and kept me in the loop about the process and the wait times.
Karman Rana
02:12 10 Sep 23
I took my bmw for a windshield replacement and the people i met at the front were really helpful. The tech who looked after my car his name was dayton and he did a fabulous job. They even cleared a warning sign on ym dash for me. Great service and would highly recommend.
Enhle Mohlahlo
14:50 30 Aug 23
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thomas & ulla ehlen
20:38 28 Aug 23
Excellent service, quality of work, and outstanding communication. The experience left nothing to be desired
rachael c
02:28 03 Aug 23
Super kind & quick, easy to deal with. Very good experience
Aurore O'Grady
23:23 01 Aug 23
Van isle Glass had fantastic workmanship, and their customer service was above and beyond. They were so thoughtful. I couldn't recommend more. Thank you again!
Kamika Williams
21:57 28 Jul 23
Mike Selman
06:58 25 Jul 23
Jon Driesen
19:25 10 Jun 23
Great customer service and workmanship
Carey Davies
17:29 04 Jun 23
Great Service! Great Staff! Very Professional. The girls in the office were so Friendly. Jordon took care of my I.C.B.C claim and getting my glass from back east so quickly. Even though I did not meet the glass installer A big Thank you for your great job! 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for this company!Amanda Davies
Dana Nygard
00:19 27 May 23
Shluphek Sakwabo
11:37 13 May 23
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Johnny Johnny
16:13 03 Apr 23
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Trent Andres
21:42 30 Mar 23
Recommended to us to have a small glass shelf cut for inside a cabinet. They don’t just fix cars. Staff was excellent/friendly and very helpful. Highly recommend this shop !! Thanks Van Isle !!
Laura Warmington
13:30 29 Mar 23
They were able to schedule me in and repair my window in record time. Fast, friendly and helpful service.
Lindsay Walsh
20:44 27 Mar 23
My jeep was broken into while I was at work downtown. I called Van Isle Glass right away to look at my jeep because they were able to work on my husband's cracked windshield almost immediately. My vehicle was broken into on Thursday and Van Isle Glass was able to look at my vehicle the next day. The replacement glass was ordered and arrived for my appointment the following week. My husband and I are very happy with Van Isle Glass and they will be looking after our vehicles from now on.
Lindsay Smith
20:42 27 Mar 23
My jeep was broken into while I was at work downtown. I called Van Isle Glass right away to look at my jeep because they were able to work on my husband's cracked windshield almost immediately. My vehicle was broken into on Thursday and Van Isle Glass was able to look at my vehicle the next day. The replacement glass was ordered and arrived for my appointment the following week. My husband and I are very happy with Van Isle Glass and they will be looking after our vehicles from now on.
Kevin Olson
07:43 11 Mar 23
Stopped by earlier today to inquire about my windshield, I didn't need anything done but got some honest advice, I will definitely be coming back when I need work done.
Elise Varty
23:28 20 Jan 23
Van Isle Glass replaced my car’s quarter glass after a break in. They got the job done very quickly and even moved up my appointment to get it done as soon as possible. Always kind on the phone and gave me updates on the process. Highly recommend their services!
Rachel Jantzen
03:59 20 Jan 23
Efficient and accessible. Billed icbc directly. Highly recommended them.
Carla Molloy
04:22 12 Jan 23
Extremely professional service and very helpful staff. Will definitely be using them again! Highly recommended
23:37 10 Jan 23
my car got a stone chip and needed repairs. I visited this place after receiving a recommendation from a friend, and the very friendly staff and the perfect work welcomed me. It would be best not to have a chance to go there, but if I do, I will go to this place without hesitation.
Amisi Radju
05:00 16 Dec 22
01:37 16 Dec 22
Mark Polak
23:10 12 Dec 22
Very friendly, accommodating and affordable.I had 2 rock chips in my windshield. I am from out of town but they got me in 1.5 hours after calling and it was only $25 per chip.
Dorota Liegmann
22:58 24 Nov 22
I had to replace my windshield and van isle glass in langford was so professional and knowledgeable. Great customer service and my loaner car was fabulous as well. Always a pleasure making business with. Cheers
Kimberley Kristjanson
05:16 19 Nov 22
Thiago Navero
04:14 31 Oct 22
Matthew Couroux
22:59 28 Oct 22
Van Isle Glass did a great job replacing my windshield. Would highly recommend!
Michele Dodd
19:21 11 Oct 22
This morning I had trouble with my rear passenger window going back up, and had to catch a ferry home. The lady at the desk was very helpful, considerate, informative, and solution focused. This took away the stress of traveling with a wide open window. She had one of the shop guys help me out right away. Thank you for making me feel like a special customer...raves on customer service!!!!
Justward 13
01:22 28 Sep 22
The best place to take care of your windshield needs. Staff is very professional and friendly. Excellent customer service. Highly recommended.
Andrew Burgess
20:21 17 Sep 22
Neil Glass
15:40 05 Aug 22
Van Isle Glass in LANGFORD was great. They were straight forward and fast with the information I needed, and were able to get the auto glass needed quickly.A similar named company in Saanich seemed good, but took many hours to get back with a quote, and would have been days more before an appointment was possible.The job done by Van Isle Glass was done at a very fair price, a great car rental provided to my wife. This company was the right one to go to.
Gavin Flannigan
21:33 06 Jul 22
Fantastic Customer Service. Was able to arrange for a windshield replacement within 24hrs of being contacted when other Automotive Glass repair shops were booking up to a month away.
Nic G
23:26 05 Jul 22
Dropped into their shop late in the day with a chip while travelling. At first they said they were booked but offered to put me on a cancellation list. I needed to get it done because I was heading up island the following day. While making some calls in the parking lot, the windshield repair man saw me and thought I was his next appointment. When I said I wasn't and that they werent able to get me in, he offered to sneak me in between appointments. I was so grateful and they got me on the road quickly. The other shop said they couldn't book me in for a week! Great service and quick turnaround. It was greatly appreciated!
Ron Webster
14:20 26 Jun 22
D Hill
04:35 25 Jun 22
Quality work
Spencer Ellingson
13:05 22 Jun 22
Our windshield got smashed while we were on holidays on the island. The staff were super helpful with finding our windshield on short notice and fitting us in on short notice so we could make a wedding we had to drive to in Tofino. Very thankful for all their help!
Morgan Uhlmann
22:27 19 May 22
The folks at Van Isle Glass were so kind, accommodating, and efficient. They went above and beyond to call around to find me the best possible deal for my needs, get me in as soon as they were able, and established a clear line of communication. I felt really well taken care of and they helped me feel more relaxed as I was navigating the stressful mess that ICBC insurance claims can be. Shout out to Diana for your patience and understanding!
emma gould
17:03 14 May 22
17:13 29 Apr 22
Got me in and out fast and went the extra mile to clean up the mess of tape I made. Excellent work by the tech's and excellent customer service and communication from the service advisors. 10/10 would recommend. I will direct friends and family here without hesitation.
Brendan Lord
21:21 06 Apr 22
Had a leaking rear reverse wiper motor, technician Clint took it all apart and re sealed every rubber seal for me, very pleased and very happy 😊
Lorne Chan
18:50 04 Apr 22
Wow, the service and efficiency of this business was top notch. It was so easy to book an appointment and the service was exceptional. They were very proud that their business was local and a long time family owned business. The windshield replacement was done in just over an hour and they did a beautiful job. They handled the ICBC very efficiently and made that process so easy! I usually don't write many reviews but I definitely think that this business has earned a well deserved praise for the outstanding job that they have done!
Quintin Hergt
23:48 28 Mar 22
Amazing staff and great service.Went above and beyond to repair a rock chip in my new windshield
20:00 28 Mar 22
I went in with a rock chip on my glass and they took care of everything. Having the comprehensive coverage is the key.
Marie Fidoe
22:32 14 Mar 22
Such great service and communication. Very easy to deal with.
Adam Effertz
22:39 01 Mar 22
Great service all around! Had a rock chip at 4:45 and they snuck me in right before close just to make sure my windshield didn't crack from the overnight drop in temperature. Couldn't be happier
Sean Pollock
19:13 26 Feb 22
Troy Swindell
01:26 28 Jan 22
Adrian Holland
12:28 25 Jan 22
Had my side view mirror glass on my 66 mustang fall out and took my car here to see if they could help me out...... in an out with everything fixed in half an hour,thanks for the great service!!!
Kay Morgan
21:00 11 Jan 22
Great communication and easy quick service. Thank you Van Isle Glass!
Zoe Z
19:16 03 Jan 22
Very professional and responsive services, highly recommend this place. I had a rush rear window replacement order, Van Isle Glass was the only place took my order and dealt accordingly to ICBC claim process. I was thrilled to see what an excellent job they did for me - not only they have performed professional services, but also have handled my case attentively throughout the whole time, thinking from client's perspective. I was reassured and glad at the same time I chose them. Good Job everyone, you deserve a big round of applause for the consistent excellence of service!
Landon Creasy
05:45 23 Dec 21
Last night, we had something shatter one of our truck’s side windows while driving on the highway. The team at Van Isle managed to fit us into their busy schedule this afternoon where they replaced the window and cleaned up the mess in a mere two hours! They handled the insurance and made this a very easy recovery from a pretty scary experience. I highly recommend this business. Can’t say enough about them!
Justin Scott
13:16 13 Dec 21
This place is great, it was hard already to find a place open on the weekends so when I did, I was ecstatic. I would recommend just calling them, as I didn't receive any reply from their web form.
Trevor Partlo
17:24 18 Nov 21
Called all over town to have a custom cut table top done. The kicker was I needed it within 2hours everywhere said not possible but when I called Van isle the most helpful woman answered and said “lemme talk to the tech and see what we can do”. You can tell these guys are a great local company that values customer relationships. Price was awesome, especially on such short notice. I hope they pay their front office workers well because the woman I dealt with was fantastic! +A will definitely be using and recommending these guys again.
Noah Stewart
22:46 04 Nov 21
Drew Carmichael
19:35 26 Oct 21
What an amazing experience it was dealing with this company! Right from the first phone call to the very professional installation of a complex windshield with lane assist cameras. They made the job easy and arranged everything including a rental car for the over night stay. After having a very bad experience with another installer on this car a few years back it was an absolute pressure to deal with this very professional crew!
Lisa Love
22:47 21 Sep 21
They were extremely professional and helpful . The front desk lady was very sweet and went above and beyond to give me what i needed and in good time. I would highly recommend this place for all windshield repairs etc. Great job guys! Top notch quality 👌
Travis m
17:13 19 Sep 21
Summer R
17:02 28 Aug 21
Clint Thorgrimson
19:45 15 Aug 21
depik bhangu
22:51 19 Jul 21
Excellent customer service by Diana. She made the the entire experience so easy. Thank you
Riley Henthorne
21:19 15 Jul 21
Brian Belcher
00:30 14 Jul 21
accommodating, prompt and friendly service
David Gatey
05:06 22 Jun 21
They were great. Same day appointment, cut new glass while I waited. Fit perfectly, great price! 👍👍👍
Al Ferguson
18:21 09 Jun 21
Michael Richards
00:12 26 May 21
Quick, easy, and affordable! Would recommend!
Linda Joanisse
18:04 19 May 21
Felt like they cared and looked after me and my car very professionally. Will definitely recommend and use again myself.
Dave Green
13:22 28 Apr 21
Glenda-lee Pickit
18:33 27 Mar 21
The customer service was helpful, friendly and courteous. They worked with my schedule and had my car finished two hours earlier than their latest estimated time to replace my windscreen. My windscreen replacement was as perfect as can be. I was pleasantly surprized with everything. I highly recommend Van Isle Glass!
Abo Alexander
23:27 04 Mar 21
Best Customer service best value professional job I recommend it to all my friends and family thank you
21:58 26 Feb 21
Really great service. Called to see if they had any availability and they slotted me in right away. Reception was really nice and helpful. The repair was quick and looks great. Thanks !
Dorian Munro
02:04 18 Feb 21
Awesome local company, well known for doing really good work. They replaced my windshield really fast and the whole process was painless. Super friendly staff who make sure you are getting exactly what is needed and to make sure your coverage is properly being applied. Definitely would go back for any future repairs.
Cuong Le
20:05 28 Jan 21
Fantastic service and great people.
John Niedoba
21:36 21 Jan 21
Almeda Getty
03:58 06 Jan 21
I'm happy with the service.
Wilf Marquis
18:50 05 Jan 21
Purchased and had installed glass for kitchen cupboard doors I built. Excellent and prompt service, price and workmanship. Would strongly recommend this business for your glass needs.
Chantel Jutras
21:33 04 Dec 20
A professional local business! I had my windshield ordered and brought to them by a local import service, and Van Isle Glass did the installation. It was immaculately done by a kind, clearly well-experienced gentleman. The woman at the front desk was great, so helpful and friendly!
Ken Patterson
03:36 27 Nov 20
New fuss ..truck was clean and ready when they said ..all good
Patrick Glenn
15:47 16 Nov 20
excellent service and price, I always go back!
Joanie Bakker
18:01 10 Oct 20
Truly the best service I’ve ever received at an auto shop! They allowed me to drop off my car early and pick up later than I initially said. I think I was dealing with Diana when I came into the office and she was very friendly and professional. They replaced my windshield with no issues and even vacuumed inside! Will definitely bring my business there again!
Ryan Petersen
04:25 03 Sep 20
Fantastic water repellant service for your windshield. They replaced the wiper blades as well for a very good price. Have done it twice in two years and will be doing again.
Johnny Lane
23:16 21 Aug 20
I had a chip repaired. They had me in and out in less than 30 min. Super friendly, nice people
Very friendly and polite people who work here. Was very refreshing even when repairing a bad windshield.
Mike Schmitz
01:22 08 Aug 20
Jazmin Higgins
21:29 27 Jul 20
Very happy with the work and the service from Van Isle Glass. My windshield had to be replaced and it looks great. The people working here are absolutely fantastic, very happy. Will definitely be returning, but I'm hoping I don't have to!
Brent Wyman
00:14 16 Jul 20
Great service! They even coordinated with Tirecraft for me so I didn't have to worry about getting back to move my car from place to place. I would definitely recommend.
00:27 14 Jul 20
Friendly and happy people helped me out right away.
Jon Martens
17:48 10 Jul 20
Great customer service and extremely knowledgeable. Thank You for the great service.
Carlos Sy
01:23 04 Jul 20
Got the job done quickly windshield repaired in 15 minutes. Friendly and professional, You guys deserved my 5 stars thanks!
Stephanie Kok
00:45 13 Jun 20
I could not be happier with the generous and kind service offered to me! My windshield was repaired 15 min after arriving, the crew kept the shop open late on a Friday to accomodate- service man and shop owner were absolutely wonderful! Cracked windshields are a bummer- the service you receive will make it all better!!!
Nora Stokke
18:53 04 Apr 20
Nora Stokke
17:46 19 Mar 20
Truly the best customer service and fast and efficient glass work. True professionals!
Eileen Johnston
20:26 11 Mar 20
Excellent service by everyone would recommend this place highly
Barb Benson
21:20 22 Feb 20
Great customer service, fast and efficient windshield repair. They vacuumed my car, left a nice pen, business card and candies on my passenger seat. The paperwork was done and ready to be signed when I picked up my car. I received a recommendation from a friend who was very happy with the service and I definitely recommend this service for anyone needing their windshield replaced. Awesome job folks! Thank you.
Scott Lehr
23:42 22 Jan 20
The politeness of the front desk staff is incredible. Fantastic service and great workmanship. They are certainly my go to for anything glass related.
Pauline ten Cate
23:56 17 Jan 20
I highly recommend this business as they really have a "can-do" attitude. They had a Plan A and a Plan B, both of which were much cheaper than I had anticipated. My windshield wiper arm was bent, and they fixed it at a great price, even though this was not technically a glass repair. Probably saved me hundreds, as Audi parts and installation aren't cheap. Thank you for your great customer service! (And thanks too to the Canadian Tire mechanic who recommended them.)
Ann ten Cate
23:48 17 Jan 20
Excellent service and a "can-do" attitude. They fixed an oddball problem at minimal charge. A pleasure to deal with.
Denise Laderoute
17:32 15 Dec 19
I was so impressed both times I went to Van Isle Glass this year. Very accommodating and friendly people. When my rearview mirror came off I dropped in and they fixed it right away for no charge. I won't go anywhere else.
Corey Cooke
16:00 09 Dec 19
Most excellent glass shop with fantastic staff, never have any problems with repairs done through Van Isle Glass, hassle free transactions all the time.
Sue Adams
20:24 05 Dec 19
In the three visits I've had to Van Isle Glass, my experience has been consistent. They are a superb company to do business with - professional, friendly, prompt, do what they say they'll do, reasonable priced and they sincerely wish to do their best job. I would recommend them over ANY other glass company on Vancouver Island! Thank you Van Isle Glass. 🙂
Rhayne A
20:15 27 Nov 19
These folks are amazing!!! Fast, professional, and thorough, their customer service is top notch! Will come here for all my glass needs.
Julie Kirke
05:37 27 Nov 19
Great service and staff! Had a crack in my windshield which ended up needing to be replaced. Windshield ordered and replaced same day. They were even able to to restore my headlights on my 15 year old car and did an amazing job! Thank you!
Julie Brewer
07:03 20 Nov 19
Langford Montessori kids thank you for fixing their van/bus window! Wonderful customer service. Window was shipped same day and I was called twice with updates as it was being replaced. Quick reliable and friendly. I'm a very happy customer!
Laurence Bosma
00:23 10 Oct 19
I called them got a price and availability and they could replace my windshield in my Hyundai Elentra the next day- Awesome! Got them to fix 4 chips in my 88 Ford Ranger that still had the original windshield that same day while I was there already anyways, and then they polished up my head lights on my Elentra also, all together really nice people and service. Oh and there phone # has the triple 5 in it and that means complete grace!
Susan Brennan
01:08 10 Sep 19
Best service, hard working, honest people. Would recommend this business to anyone.
Alicia Zigay
19:47 06 Jul 19
Van Isle Glass was great. They fixed my windshield in under 20 minutes for $25 dollars and offered me a great deal on windshield wipers. Couldn't be happier.
Thomas wolvansky
16:34 26 Jun 19
I was in over a month ago to replace a rear window in my car which was shattered by a golf ball. After a frustrating week of finding out insurance wouldn't cover it and getting quotes of $800-2000 (for a $4000 car), this was the only business I called that looked at used options and ended up sourcing a window from an autowrecker. Very easy to work with and the end result was exactly what I was shooting for.
Kelly Stegman-Brooks
02:55 23 Jun 19
Had a windshield crack near the edge. I didn't have an appointment and they fixed it immediately. My insurance even covered it and they filled out all the paperwork. I even bought wipers on sale (costs less than big box stores) from them and they installed it. Extremely friendly and professional staff and technicians. Will definitely come back!
Jeff Haines
05:11 23 May 19
Went in for chip repair with no appointment. Recieved quick service and could barely notice the chip anymore. Highly recommended!!
Dustin Potiuk
14:44 04 May 19
Had to replace my windshield!!! Called, set up appointment that fit my schedule, brought it in, windshield replaced, bang, boom, done!! No fuss. No hassles. Fast, quality work!! Thanks again!!!
Jim Black
18:36 06 Apr 19
Ii recently had a cracked windshield replaced by them and was very impressed by their efficiency and courteous manner. It went the way one would hope all business transactions would go. I will definitely take my business back to them in the future even though I live out of town. Thanks so much for this pleasant experience.
Julian W
10:58 06 Apr 19
Terrific experience there yesterday. Had my Jeep windshield replaced. They are super professional, were quick, great price, called 20 minutes before it was ready so I could come pick up my vehicle and just leave. Women out front was fantastic. All in all a first rate experience, just one tiny thing, they leave a little thank you card in your vehicle for when you drive away which mentions you're welcome to have a coffee at the restaurant a few doors down from them while you wait, their treat. But by then it's too late. Maybe mention it when you drop off? Small detail though, these folks were awesome. Highly recommended.
peter papadogeorgos
00:02 06 Apr 19
From my first time visiting, to my most recent windshield replacement today, I’ve always felt the customer service is top notch. Not only was my windshield replaced ahead of schedule today, I also received my “by the way... glass request for a job on the spot. My only choice for glass in greater Victoria.
Ali Hamado
23:50 29 Mar 19
We had great experience with Van Isle glass today. The receptionist was very welcoming, friendly and accommodating. They were able to accommodate us without an appointment and they fixed our glass right away. Also, Our kids were with us and they were offered candy and balloons. We all left the shop with big smile and felt very welcomed. Thank you for the balloons. Keep up the great work.
Ali Hamado
23:50 29 Mar 19
We had great experience with Van Isle glass today. The receptionist was very welcoming, friendly and accommodating. They were able to accommodate us without an appointment and they fixed our glass right away. Also, Our kids were with us and they were offered candy and balloons. We all left the shop with big smile and felt very welcomed. Thank you for the balloons. Keep up the great work.
Andy Pierce
05:08 21 Mar 19
Great service! Fast and friendly, 100% will recommend
Gurminder Tatra
19:12 17 Mar 19
Absolutely amazing service, quick, and very helpful! Have had chips repaired very easily, and now 2 windshields replaced and they have always been amazing for service and have wonderful attention to detail and very helpful and honest!
Taylor Orr
22:29 27 Feb 19
Great friendly staff super fast service.
Vet Trn
01:01 04 Jan 19
Quick and courteous. In and out for a rock chip that cost me zero because of comprehensive insurance.
Darcy Gallant
01:38 12 Dec 18
I recently took my truck to get my windshield replaced and was super fast and excellent service. I also had my son's vehicle in and they help me solve a problem with his car and we're very fair and again service was outstanding. I would highly recommend
John Evangelista
14:45 20 Aug 18
Great customer service! I had a great experience!!! I have two jobs and they were able to get me in on my one day off. They were also able to order the part/s and replaced my windshield asap. Hats off to diana and van isle auto glass.
Amanda R.
17:33 14 Aug 18
I had a great experience with Van Isle Auto Glass! They got me in right away, and were able to accommodate my work schedule. They really left a great impression and I would highly recommend this business to anyone looking for glass repair or replacement.
Martyn Stimpson
22:36 29 Jun 18
This was my first visit to Van Isle Glass to replace a windshield in my car. They fit me in at the last minute to accommodate my tight schedule. They were fast, courteous and got the job done as promised, on time and on budget. I can definitely recommend them and I will be returning there again. Great work!

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