Car Window Tinting In Victoria BC

Looking for a way to improve your vehicle’s look and functionality for not much money? Ask us about our premium car window tinting service.

We provide a sleek, custom look for your vehicle using a high-quality window film. Our technicians are able to apply window tint to most vehicles, and the process takes between 1.5 to 3.5 hours. The exact length of time will depend on how many windows you are getting tinted, how large the windows are, and so on.

Do you have an older vehicle or a model that’s rare? If you’re not sure if we can tint the windows on your car, give us a call and let us answer your questions.

We’ve been in the auto glass business for a long time, and chances are we’ve already worked on a car like yours!

Call or visit us today to schedule tinting for your windows. We are ready to help customers in Langford, Victoria and the surrounding areas of View Royal, Metchosin, Esquimalt, Sooke and more.


Benefits of Premium Window Tinting in Victoria

Many people think that window tinting is only done for the look, or for privacy. In fact, there are several advantages that come with our premium window film in Victoria:

  1. It improves the aesthetics of your vehicle
  2. It provides more privacy
  3. It keeps your vehicle cooler during warmer weather
  4. It prevents or slows sun damage to your interior
  5. It protects your eyes during bright and sunny days so your eyes don’t get tired
  6. It holds the window together instead of shattering into smaller pieces in the event of an accident to keep you safer

Want to know more about the benefits of car window tinting? Contact us today for more information.

Victoria Window Tinting FAQs

Do I need to wait for a dry day to apply window tinting?

No, you don’t! It’s always nice to have sunny weather on Vancouver Island, but we can’t depend on it. Thankfully, the high-quality window film and adhesive that we use in the tinting process does not require a dry, sunny day either. The tinting is firmly in place as soon as the service is complete. You can drive around in rain immediately after with complete peace of mind.

How long should I wait to roll my windows up or down?

We recommend that you wait at least 24 hours after the installation of the tinting film before you roll your windows up or down. The friction caused by that movement can damage the newly applied film.

Waiting this long should ensure that the adhesive can set properly without being pulled in one direction or the other. Once the first 24 hours passes, the adhesive should be fully bonded to the window and will no longer be damaged by rolling your window up or down.

Can you remove an older window tinting on my car or redo it with a new installation?

Yes, we can. Tinting can be difficult to remove without leaving streaks and leftover bits. We have special materials that are designed for easily and cleanly removing window film. If you just want to remove it, we can leave your windows looking clean and new. If you want to have newer tinting applied we can do that, too!


Matt Heywood
Matt Heywood
17:52 18 Jul 24
Good price, fast service, and they even vacuumed out all the broken glass from my vehicle before returning it
N Munro
N Munro
17:25 09 Jul 24
Cannot recommend highly enough! This place surprised me in a good way. I had a fairly large rock chip and took it here for same-day repair. The staff is so professional and polite and courteous and I would absolutely come back for ALL my future windshield or glass needs!
Trev Friesen
Trev Friesen
21:02 28 Jun 24
Van Isle is me in and got us fixed up before the long weekend. Top knotch service...they do more than just auto glass too.
Karthik Varadarajan
Karthik Varadarajan
00:36 11 Jun 24
Jordan (Front office) & Clint (Tech) at this location are absolutely fantastic.Location is very good in the heart of Langford.They are professional with friendly personalities and very knowledgeableA small rock damaged my windshield - Jordan booked an appointment same day.Easy to make an appointment and I was in and out in under 20 minutes. The work was great.I recommend Van Isle glass for all kind of windshield repairs

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