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Headlight restoration is your answer to dim, yellowed or otherwise diminished lights. Though the lights manufactured today are some of the sharpest that have ever existed, some of that performance comes relies on interior chemical coatings that can age and go bad. This is most likely what you are experiencing if the headlights on your car appear foggy or unpleasantly colored.

There is an answer to those problems, and we offer it here at Van Isle Glass. By removing, cleaning, re-applying treatments and polishing each bulb and compartment, we are able to restore headlights to almost as good as new, both inside and out. By the end, you have a car with headlights as clean and bright as the day you rolled it off the lot.

Restore that new car look today by visiting Van Isle Glass for the area’s most affordable headlight restoration services! Call ahead for answers to any of your questions about our services by dialing: (250) 474-5551.


Problems with your Headlights?

You may experience all of the following as your headlights age. Depending on environmental factors such as where you park your vehicle, they can appear early in your car’s lifespan. Fortunately, these problems can all be addressed with a full restoration.


Dim Headlights

Dim headlights may point to an electrical problem, but if the problem happened gradually, you should consider that the problem may lie with the plastic housing over your headlights. Check them to see if they’re not clear enough to let the light through. The covers will be completely removed during the restoration so that any internal areas can be carefully cleaned.

Cloudy Lens Covers

You may notice that your headlights are no longer as effective because an otherwise healthy beam is now being filtered through a cover that appears as if it is frosted from the inside. This, like the yellowing, is caused by the aging of treatments applied to the inside of the plastic housing.

Yellow Headlights

An unpleasant yellow tinge to your lights is often caused by the chemical treatments that are applied to the inside of the headlight compartment. Long-term exposure to sunlight can cause these chemicals to start cooking within your headlight, resulting in a yellowing color that slowly covers your entire light.

Stained Headlights

Though headlights are supposed to be well protected from weather, unsightly drip lines, water stains and colored smears can make their way to the inside of the plastic cover. All of these stains will be targeted during a full headlight restoration.

Restore Your Headlights!

Reclaim a shiny look for your headlights with our comprehensive headlight restoration service. The complete service includes everything you need to solve all the problems you see above.

By applying a 3-step treatment and polishing each lens, we are able to restore headlights to almost as good as new.

This service can completely change the look of your vehicle. When combined with other small detailing services, headlight restoration can dramatically improve the look of a car. It’s an affordable way to improve the value of a used car before selling it.



Are blurred headlights dangerous?

Yes, of course. Cars are required to roll out of the factory ready to meet very strict standards for night-time visibility, but the surrounding compartment and cover are just as important as the bulb. When the cover is obscured, or when there is sun damage in the compartment, headlights cannot perform as designed. This can easily be a factor in accidents.

What does blurring/yellowing have to do with chemicals?

The chemical treatments that headlights receive are there so they can protect the other parts from sun damage. These treatments are specifically there to repel UV rays. All covers are made out of plastic, and all plastic tends to glaze over when exposed to constant sunlight. These treatments only have a limited lifespan, however. Eventually, they start to turn yellow and must be replaced.

How much wear can a restoration remove?

If the headlights are in good condition, they can be restored to something very close to like new condition. We love to see how surprised our customers are at how new they look! However, there are cases where it’s not the best option. Headlights experience more wear and tear than just stains. The cooling and heating of the engine can create crackling and fractures throughout the whole compartment, and that will mean worse and worse environmental control and faster deterioration.

How long does a restoration last?

The results should last for a few years depending on the condition the lights were in before the restoration. It’s possible to hold onto sharper-looking headlights for a longer amount of time by being careful with your parking. Use a garage whenever possible, or park so that your headlights aren’t exposed to direct sunlight.

How long does the service take to restore headlights?

Usually 40 minutes, but as long as an hour in cases where the headlights are large or in a really foggy condition. As with all of our services, we work on the delivering the highest quality at the fastest speed possible. Our shop is a wonderful place to relax while you’re waiting, and is right next to a cozy coffeehouse.

Visit Today for Headlight Restoration

If you’re ready to find out how we can bring the life back to your beams, come visit us today. Our friendly team can answer any questions you have and restore safety and a new appearance to your lights.


David Hrominchuk
David Hrominchuk
19:09 19 Sep 23
Van Isle Glass ROCKS!!Second time here with different vehicles and they were professional throughout the experiences. Number one for my go to in anything vehicular glass. Special mention to Diana (owner and front end service) and Clint (installer) and crew. Rare experience in customer satisfaction and service...Kudos guys.
Betty Carew
Betty Carew
01:18 16 Sep 23
Visited Van Isle Glass to repair a rock chip on my windshield. The service was professional and friendly. I was very much impressed with the result as well as the efficiency in completing the service. I highly recommend this organization for glass repair. Thank you to Clint and the TEAM at Van Isle Glass. It is much appreciated!!! Betty
21:10 12 Sep 23
Had a very good experience working with Dana and Diana at the front desk. Very courteous, engaging and respectful. We ran into a glitch where the replacement windshield installed was misaligned (not due to faulty install), but likely due to warpage at the plant. I promptly reported the issue to Van Isle management who took pictures of the faulty windshield, and replaced with a different manufacturer which fits perfect. I appreciate that they took ownership of the issue, and kept me in the loop about the process and the wait times.
Karman Rana
Karman Rana
02:12 10 Sep 23
I took my bmw for a windshield replacement and the people i met at the front were really helpful. The tech who looked after my car his name was dayton and he did a fabulous job. They even cleared a warning sign on ym dash for me. Great service and would highly recommend.

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