Commercial Glass Credit Application

If you are a commercial customer and you need to service your vehicle fleets, heavy equipment, or have other special commercial glass needs, Van Isle Glass does offer credit to those who qualify.

You may either:

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Credit Application

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  • Credit Agreement

    I (We) hereby agree to the following: 1. I (We) hereby authorize Van Isle Glass Ltd. to whom this application is submitted to obtain such credit reports or other information as may be deemed necessary in connection with the establishment and maintenance of a credit account or for any other direct business requirements. 2. First time sales on a cash basis. 3. All accounts are due and payable 30 days following the shipping or invoiced date (whichever is earliest) of the purchased goods. Interest will be charged on overdue accounts at 2% per month (26.82% per annum). 4. Title to all goods purchased by the applicant from Van Isle Glass Ltd. will not pass until the total contract (invoice) amount thereof is paid in full. 5. I (We) agree that, at any time, Van Isle Glass Ltd. shall have the right to refuse further credit and review credit privileges from time to time.

    I hereby consent to your obtaining a credit information report from a consumer reporting agency.
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  • Personal Guarantee

  • (hereinafter called the Applicant) the undersigned hereby guarantee(s), jointly and severally if more than one of them, payment to Van Isle Glass of all monies, past, present and future, owing to it by the Applicant, including all monies due for interest charges and expenses as provided in the credit application made between Van Isle Glass and the Applicant and declares this to be a continuing and unlimited guarantee which shall apply to any number of transactions and shall remain in full force and effect notwithstanding any extensions of time, compromises or indulgences granted by Van Isle Glass to the Applicant, and it is hereby expressly agreed that Van Isle Glass shall not bound to exhaust any recourse it may have against the Applicant before enforcing its rights against the undersigned Guarantor(s). The Guarantor(s), covenants and agrees that s/he signs this Guarantee with full knowledge that it is a document intended to bind him/her to the repayment to Van Isle Glass.
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