Glass & Service FAQs

What are your shop’s certification standards?

Our auto glass technicians are government certified by the British Columbia Training Authority (ITA) and are trained to work on all domestic and foreign makes and models. We are committed to providing outstanding service and products that meet the strictest industry standards.

How long will my auto glass repair take?

While some vehicles require more time, most windshields can be replaced within 3 hours. Modern vehicles require us to glue in your windshield with a urethane adhesive. We need to allow this adhesive enough time to cure so that if you are involved in an accident the windshield will not fall out.

What is involved in a rock chip repair?

The process consists of the pressurized introduction of a resin into the chip, and the using a UV light to cure & seal, which leads to the restoration of the windshield to its original strength. While the rock chip doesn’t fully disappear there will be fewer visible signs of damage. If the chip is in the driver’s sight lines or the edge of the windshield, that’s when you know when to replace the broken windshield.

Is it safe to drive with a cracked windshield?

Not all cracks on the windshield make your vehicle unsafe to drive. As long as the crack is under 12 inches long, it can still be repaired safely and you should be fine to drive your vehicle. However, if the crack runs to any of the edges of the windshield, or if it runs through the driver’s line of sight, the size doesn’t matter anymore and you should call us for our mobile service to repair or replace it before you drive your vehicle again.

Can you help me file an insurance claim to repair my windshield?

Yes, Van Isle Glass is an ICBC Glass Express Shop. If your vehicle is covered by ICBC autoplan comprehensive insurance or by a Private autoplan comprehensive insurance, we can process your glass claim for you from start to finish. No need to wait for an appointment and no need to contact your insurance provider! We are your one-stop glass claim service.

What type of warranty do you offer on your auto glass service?

Replacement windshields come with a lifetime warranty that covers manufacturing defects and leaks for as long as your vehicle is registered under your name. We want you to feel secure that you made the right choice when you visited Van Isle Glass, therefore, our warranty covers workmanship and all material used for your repair. We offer you the best full, lifetime warranty available, so you never have to worry. We want you to feel secure in your decision.

Will my vehicle be vacuumed after the work is finished?

Yes, whether there is broken glass remains in your vehicle or not, our technicians will ensure that your vehicle receives a courtesy vacuum.

Do you sell discounted or used auto glass?

Upon a customer’s request, we can sometimes find used glass for replacement. We sometimes offer used glass to provide an affordable option to vehicle owners. Although it’s used, it’s completely guaranteed to be safe for reuse.

In addition, we also custom cut glass for classic vehicles.

Do you offer mobile auto glass services?

Yes, we can either go to your location or pick up your vehicle with our garage plate and bring it back to our shop.

What other glass services do you provide?

We offer a full range of Glass and Mirror products and installations:
custom shower enclosure – mirrors – glass railings – Glass shelves – Glass desk/table tops – – Laminated glass – Tempered glass – Low E Glass – Obscure/Pattern Glass – Mirrors – Mirror walls – Picture frame glass

What types of windows are covered in residential glass repair?

We are a full-service glass shop with fully qualified glaziers. We can repair or replace virtually any residential & commercial glass windows including thermal pane windows, tempered, laminated glass, tinted and annealed glass windows.

The seal is broken on my insulated glass unit and it is foggy, can this be repaired or will I have to replace it?

We do not provide insulated glass unit repair and do not recommend it. Replacement is the best solution, as once the seal is broken the glass is no longer insulated. The window loses its insulation performance.

How do I tell if my thermal pane window/sealed unit has failed?

The most obvious sign of a failed sealed unit is condensation between the panes of glass, as this means that moisture has been able to seep through the seal.

How soon can I drive my vehicle after windshield replacement?

The latest technology in urethane allows for a 30 min cure time which means the customer doesn’t have to worry about removing tape. The tape is removed in shop by the technician, after 30 minutes of curing. The customer can only drive away after the 30 min of cure is complete.

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