Aquapel Glass Treatment in Victoria

Looking for an affordable way to make your car safer to drive? Do you get anxious driving in the rain, especially at night? If so, it’s time to look into Aquapel glass treatment for your windshield at our auto glass shop in Victoria, BC.

We have competitive prices that will not cost you very much money. Our auto glass technicians can apply the Aquapel treatment quickly and effectively so you know the job is done right the first time. One treatment lasts for months and takes only minutes to apply.


What Is Aquapel?

Aquapel glass treatment is a chemical compound that bonds to your windshield. After it is applied, it provides a protective barrier that repels rain so you have much better visibility when driving in wet conditions — especially in the dark.

The chemical compounds are called fluoroalkylsilanes. When applied to glass, it makes rain, snow and dirt bead up and roll off the windshield to keep it clear. It is a much longer rain repellent glass treatment compared to alternative silicone-based treatments because it bonds to the glass itself.

We can apply Aquapel treatments to nearly any type of glass on any type of vehicle. You can comfortably enjoy clear vision in even the worst weather.

Benefits of Driving with Aquapel Treated Windows

Once you’ve driven with Aquapel, you won’t want to drive without it. It provides numerous benefits, all concerned with your safety and the safety of your passengers.

  • It repels rain for remarkably improved vision
  • Makes it easier to clear ice, snow and even dirt from your windshield
  • Reduces glare in the rain, especially at night, caused by other headlights
  • Help reduce water marks and keeps down saltwater

When your safety is involved, SEE CLEARLY and DRIVE SAFER.


Aquapel Windshield Treatment FAQs

What vehicles are eligible for Aquapel windshield treatments?

This treatment is helpful to everyone, though it’s particularly known and used among professional drivers such as truckers and livestock haulers (essentially anyone who has to drive in dangerous conditions and wants to do it as safely as possible). Our treatments are also widely used by emergency personnel.

Can Aquapel be used on tinted or treated windshields?

That depends on the type of treatment that has been applied. Aquapel is designed to be a powerful and long-lasting solution that bonds directly to the windshield. Some materials may interrupt this process and keep the treatment from bonding properly. We’ll be able to tell you when you visit if your current windshield treatments are going to cause any issues.

How long does an Aquapel treatment last?

Aquapel is at its peak performance for the first six months of application. After the six months period has passed, it is recommended that you schedule another coating. We safely remove the leftover chemicals from your windshield before applying a brand new coating that will keep you safe in the rain for another six months.


David Hrominchuk
David Hrominchuk
19:09 19 Sep 23
Van Isle Glass ROCKS!!Second time here with different vehicles and they were professional throughout the experiences. Number one for my go to in anything vehicular glass. Special mention to Diana (owner and front end service) and Clint (installer) and crew. Rare experience in customer satisfaction and service...Kudos guys.
Betty Carew
Betty Carew
01:18 16 Sep 23
Visited Van Isle Glass to repair a rock chip on my windshield. The service was professional and friendly. I was very much impressed with the result as well as the efficiency in completing the service. I highly recommend this organization for glass repair. Thank you to Clint and the TEAM at Van Isle Glass. It is much appreciated!!! Betty
21:10 12 Sep 23
Had a very good experience working with Dana and Diana at the front desk. Very courteous, engaging and respectful. We ran into a glitch where the replacement windshield installed was misaligned (not due to faulty install), but likely due to warpage at the plant. I promptly reported the issue to Van Isle management who took pictures of the faulty windshield, and replaced with a different manufacturer which fits perfect. I appreciate that they took ownership of the issue, and kept me in the loop about the process and the wait times.
Karman Rana
Karman Rana
02:12 10 Sep 23
I took my bmw for a windshield replacement and the people i met at the front were really helpful. The tech who looked after my car his name was dayton and he did a fabulous job. They even cleared a warning sign on ym dash for me. Great service and would highly recommend.

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