Auto Glass Repair Services in Victoria & Langford


When your windshield is damaged or broken, you want it fixed by experts who will get the job done right the first time. At Van Isle Glass, our team of certified auto glass technicians are standing by and ready to help repair or replace your windshield.

With all of our auto glass services, you get peace of mind thanks to the following benefits we offer:

  • Lifetime guarantee on our craft, plus the manufacturer warranty against defects
  • The most extensive auto glass inventory on Vancouver Island, with same-day service provided on over 90% of our services
  • ICBC Glass Express service, and help with submitting your insurance claim
  • Help in filing your insurance claim
  • Mobile service where our technicians can come to you

Contact us today by phone or online to provide us with your vehicle details and needs, and we will provide a quote and arrange for where and when we can help. We serve car owners in Langford, Victoria, and the surrounding areas of View Royal, Metchosin, Esquimalt, Sooke, and more.

We Are Your Windshield Repair Experts

The windshield of your vehicle makes up around 35% of its structural integrity in the event of an accident. When a windshield is cracked or chipped, that integrity becomes compromised, and it won’t provide the expected level of protection.

That’s why you should have your damaged car window repaired as soon as possible by certified auto glass technicians. As an ICBC Glass Express provider, we can provide a fast and quality windshield repair service.

We serve car owners in Langford, Victoria, and the surrounding areas of View Royal, Metchosin, Esquimalt, Sooke, and more.


Get Your Windshield Replacement Done Right the First Time

Sometimes, your windshield is too damaged to be safely repaired. If the crack is too large or the chip too widespread, you may need to get the whole windshield replaced.

At Van Isle Glass, we have the most extensive inventory of auto glass in Langford, Victoria, and the entire island to repair your windshield.

No matter what make or model, chances are, we can provide a same-day replacement. We may even be able to bring a replacement to you with our mobile glass service. Contact us to see if we can arrange to meet you at your home.

It is essential to get a damaged windshield replaced as soon as possible. If your windshield is cracked, it will quickly weaken to the point of becoming highly unsafe. Cracked windshields weaken significantly after just a few weeks of exposure and put you in danger. It is also essential to make sure it is replaced properly. If the job isn’t done right, it could come loose or pop out in a collision and pose a significant safety risk.

Windshield Camera & Sensor Calibration

Will you need a window calibration after your next windshield installation? You don’t need to go to your dealer or a camera specialist. Our team can handle it, and you can get your new glass and calibration with just one convenient stop.

These calibrations are a necessary step when you have smart safety systems. Features such as pedestrian detectors rely on cameras that are mounted against the windshield. When the windshield is replaced, the changes can confuse the camera until calibration is complete.


Improve Your Car’s Safety Through Auto Glass Services

When it comes to the safety of you and your passengers, visibility is vital. If you can’t see clearly, you’re more likely to react too slowly to avoid an accident. At Van Isle Glass, we provide three auto glass services that can help you:

Aquapel Treatment

When there is heavy rain, snow, or debris building up on your windshield and windows, it can make it much more difficult to see clearly — especially at night. Our glass technicians can apply the Aquapel treatment to your windshield that helps repel water and debris so you can see clearly.

Headlight Restoration

When you’re driving at night, having bright and clear headlights can be a lifesaver. If you have an older vehicle, chances are your headlights aren’t as bright as they could be. That’s because the glass bulbs and compartments age, go bad, and become discolored. Our headlight restoration service will make your lights look as good as new.

Window Tinting

For bright sunny days, you’ll see a massive difference when you take advantage of our car window tinting service. Not only does it cut down on the bright glare of the sunlight, but it also helps keep your car cooler and slows down the effects of sun damage on your interior.


Can you provide glass for all models and needs?

Yes, we have the largest inventory of auto glass on the island, so we can provide a replacement no matter what the make and model of your vehicle is. We can also custom cut glass for commercial businesses, equipment, and vehicles, and residential windows and doors as well.

What kind of windshield damage can I drive with legally?

You can’t pass a safety inspection with a crack near the driver’s side of the windshield. It’s not just a matter of overactive bureaucracy either—a cracked windshield may not hold up properly when involved in an accident. For your own safety, you should have problems like these repaired as soon as possible.

Are you an ICBC Accredited repair shop?

Windshield repairs can only be completed by ICBC Glass Express facilities under your comprehensive coverage. We are an ICBC Glass Express provider, so this means we can repair your windshield at no charge if you have ICBC Comprehensive Coverage.

If you are replacing your windshield, please visit our shop and we can submit your claim since this would require you to pay your insurance deductible.


Karthik Varadarajan
Karthik Varadarajan
00:36 11 Jun 24
Jordan (Front office) & Clint (Tech) at this location are absolutely fantastic.Location is very good in the heart of Langford.They are professional with friendly personalities and very knowledgeableA small rock damaged my windshield - Jordan booked an appointment same day.Easy to make an appointment and I was in and out in under 20 minutes. The work was great.I recommend Van Isle glass for all kind of windshield repairs
Jeremy Gardener
Jeremy Gardener
00:59 06 Jun 24
Got my windshield replaced here. There was a minor issue with staffing shortage but Diana managed it amazingly. Anthoney did an awesome job! It looks great!. I highly recommend for any automotive glass needs. I will only go here in the future.
Lilly Carreiro
Lilly Carreiro
17:05 03 Jun 24
Fantastic service!!! I'll always come back here and would recommend it to family and friends.
Claudine M
Claudine M
22:13 24 Apr 24
Excellent customer service! Friendly over the phone and great in person!

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